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Popcorn Sales Questions and Answers

posted Oct 10, 2015, 11:42 PM by Joe Sievers
1.)  When are the sales sheets due?   All sales sheets are due to be handed in to your den leader or Sheri Merkel directly by no later than Sunday, October 25th which is 2 weeks from today.
2.)  Do I need to hand in the money when I hand in the sheets?  The answer to this is 100% YES.  No sales will be accepted without payment.  You can either hand in the payments as received or keep the funds and give a personal check or cash or mix for the total amount.
3.)  Are there any show and sell spaces left?  There may be limited spaces left or none at all. Please contact Sheri about this at
4.)  What are the show and sell rules?  You are to DROP OFF your Scout to be left with the leaders.  There are to be NO SIBLINGS staying for the sales.  We have had some chaos at some of the show and sells.
5.)  Are there online sales?  Yes.  Look on your sales sheet on the bottom of the cover page.  You can sell at by setting up an account and emailing people.
6.)  What are the prizes again?  In addition to the prizes given out by the national Cub Scout organization, Pack 329 has prizes.  The 1st, 2nd and 3rd top sellers in the pack will receive Toys R Us gift cards as well as the top 3 sellers at each level of Tigers, Bears, Wolves and Webelos/Arrow of Light.  Any Scout will sales over $300 gets to throw a pie in the face of any leader or parent at the December Pack Night.  This year we also added a raffle for which every scout gets a ticket for meeting the $150 requirement of sales and another raffle ticket for each additional $50 sold.
7.)  What are the requirements again?  All Scouts ABOVE Tigers are required to sell $150 worth of popcorn.  If you do not meet the requirement then you do not receive your $75 popcorn deposit back.