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posted Dec 12, 2017, 6:31 PM by Joe Sievers

Pack 329 Parents,

This is a friendly reminder that pack night is this Friday, December 15th 7pm in the cafeteria at Burr. There will be a magic show for the second half of the night so feel free to bring the whole family.

Here are some things to know:

1.) Uniforms - Class B T Shirts are fine.
2.) Donations - If you are able, please bring PJ's to donate to Stony Brook Hospital as part of the drive that Commack School District is participating.
3.) Pies in the Face - The 14 scouts who sold over $350 in popcorn can pick a leader or parent to throw a pie in their face.
4.) Magic Show - The magic show will be from 7:45pm-8:45pm.
5.) Islanders Tickets - Tickets will be distributed for those attending the Islanders game on January 7th.
6.) Pinewood Derby Cars - Will be distributed at the end so please do not leave without one.
7.) Sweatshirts - Will be delivered on December 22nd and will be available for pick up on the 23rd, details to come.

That should be all for now. See you all on Friday!

-Joe (Pack 329 Committee Chair)

Pack Night this Monday, November 27th at Burr Auditorium

posted Nov 25, 2017, 9:06 AM by Joe Sievers

Pack 329 Parents,

This is just a friendly reminder that our next Pack Night is this Monday, November 27th 7pm in the auditorium at Burr.

Here are some reminders for that night:

1.)  All Scouts are to be in full Class A uniforms (Elementary School Kids at Indian Hollow, Rolling Hills,etc. should wear them to school that day).  Unless otherwise notified it is always full Class A uniforms for Pack Nights.  You never know when there will be a uniform inspection.

2.)  Sweatshirts can be ordered for $26 each with check made out to Pack 329 or cash.

3.)  Islanders tickets for Sunday, January 7th can be purchased for $33 each (4 ticket limit per family).

4.)  We are participating in Toys for Tots with the Commack School District so please bring a toy to donate if you can.  I'll send a separate email.

5.)  There will be several things on the agenda for the evening including the Bobcat Ceremony for new Scouts, advancements and the announcements of the Popcorn sales winners!

See you all Monday!

-Joe (Pack 329 Committee Chair) 

In addition to toilet paper, please donate to support our troops!

posted Oct 23, 2017, 7:09 PM by Joe Sievers

Pack 329 Parents,

In keeping with Pack 329's commitment to support the community, we will be participating in the "Support Our Troops Week" sponsored by the Commack School District.

All families are asked to please bring at least one item from the below list to the Halloween Party this Friday for donation.

Thank you!

-Joe (Pack 329 Committee Chair)




Last drop off date is 11/3 – Bins will be picked up on 11/6

The Commack School District will be packing boxes for soldiers stationed overseas and recuperating soldiers at Walter Reed Hospital. The packages will be sent to our troops for the holidays. We are designating this week for all donations. Boxes will be placed in all schools for donations. The following items have been requested:

AA & AAA Batteries                                  Powdered Drink Mix (not sugar free)           

Playing Cards                                              Chips/Pretzels/Snacks

Deodorant-Male/Female                              Cookies (not sugar free)                   

Foot & Body Powder                                   Swedish Fish/Licorice               

Hand Sanitizer                                                Sunflower Seeds                    

Liquid Hand Soap                                        Protein Bars/Power Bars                            

Razors (Brand name)                                   Granola Bars                          

Q-Tips                                                              Gum                              

Shampoo/Soap/Body Wash (Small)                 Trail Mix                                          

Small packages of Tampons                             Beef Jerky                                        

Toothpaste                                                       Nuts                                                  

Toothbrush                                                      Small Tuna Fish (flip top cans)

Shaving Cream (No Gel)                              Soup (flip top)

Non-alcohol Mouthwash (small)                  Lint Rollers

Large Trash Bags                                        Umbrellas

Tissues                                                       Measuring Cups

Measuring Spoons                                       Cutting Boards

Kitchen Utensils (Spatulas, Tongs, Whisks) Keurig K-Cups


This year, even though appreciated, they asked us to refrain from sending small Halloween candy.  If you have any questions, please call Debbie Virga at 858-3623 or email

Halloween Party This Friday 7pm - BRING TOILET PAPER ROLL

posted Oct 22, 2017, 7:57 PM by Joe Sievers

Pack 329 Parents,

This is just a friendly reminder that the Pack 329 Halloween Party is this Friday, October 27th 7pm in the gym at Burr Intermediate school.  We have a lot of fun and games prepared for the kids!

Here are some things to remember:

1.)  Siblings - Are Welcome!

2.)  Costumes -  Have your scout and siblings in their Halloween costumes.

3.)  Toilet Paper - We ask that all families in attendance please bring at least one roll of toilet paper for the Mummy Wrap.

4.)  Popcorn Money -  The Halloween party is the deadline to hand in all popcorn sheets and monies.

5.)  Pack 329 2017-18 T Shirts - Do not leave without getting your Pack 329 2017-18 T Shirt.

See you all Friday!

-Joe (Pack 329 Committee Chair)

Long Island Game Farm Information

posted Oct 5, 2017, 7:48 PM by Joe Sievers

Pack 329 Parents,

This is just a friendly reminder that the Pack 329 October event field trip to the Long Island Game Farm is this Saturday, October 7th at 12pm.  The group rate is a major savings over the normal prices of $16.95 + tax for children and $18.95 + tax for adults.  Everyone (children from 3-11 and adults will pay the same rate of $12.50 no tax).  Any children 2 and under are free.  Please make checks out to Pack 329.

 Date:  Saturday, October 7th
Time: Meet at 11:45am to enter the park at 12pm.
Cost:  $12.50 per person
Location:  489 Chapman Blvd., Manorville
Phone #:  631-878-6644
Please let me know if you have any questions.
-Joe (Pack 329 Committee Chair)

Kickoff Outdoor Movie Night - Friday, Sept. 15th 6:45pm

posted Sep 13, 2017, 12:51 PM by Joe Sievers   [ updated Sep 13, 2017, 12:56 PM ]

In the rear of Burr by the basketball courts  Please bring a blanket and/or chairs, any other snacks you may want and dress accordingly for the weather.

Recruitment Flyer 2017-18

posted Jul 3, 2017, 6:23 AM by Joe Sievers

End of Year BBQ This Thursday 3:30pm Hoyt Farm

posted Jun 17, 2017, 4:54 PM by Joe Sievers

Pack 329 Parents,
Believe it or not, the 2016-17 Scouting year is almost over and we are only 5 days away from the Pack 329 End of the Year BBQ! 
All the details are in the attached flyer.  The BBQ is Thursday at Hoyt Farm and starts at 3:30pm, we have several water games planned for the Scouts so bring towels and bathing suits.  The Scouts WILL get wet.

At the BBQ you can also sign up for the 2017-18 scouting year and receive the Early Bird Discount pricing of $99.  If you sign up any time after the BBQ it is $119 for next year.  Our Treasurer Donna Tucker will be collecting at the BBQ, if you cannot attend and want to sign up for next year please contact her at
Hope to see you all there for our final event of the year! 

-Joe (Pack 329 Committee Chair)

6th Annual Camp Out Information

posted May 16, 2017, 10:20 AM by Joe Sievers

Pack 329 Parents,

Here is the itinerary, what you'll need and directions for this weekend:

Saturday, May 20th–Sunday May 21st, 2017


10:00am                                Arrival

10:00am – 11:00am            Setup tents

11:00am – 11:15am            Flag Ceremony and Announcements

11:15am – 11:30am            Handout drink bottles, announce teams and give out T-Shirts

11:30am – 12:15pm            Lunch (Bagels or bagged lunch)

12:15pm – 12:30pm            Lunch Cleanup (LEAVE NO TRACE)

12:30pm – 12:45pm            Gather scouts and break them off into teams

12:45pm 1:00pm              Homing Pigeons Demonstration

1:00pm – 3:40pm                 Events (30 minutes per event plus 10 minutes between)

A: Event (Chariot Races)

B: Event (Newcomb)

C: Event (Scavenger Hunt)

D: Event (Obstacle Course)

3:40pm - 4:20pm                  Event Playoffs

4:20pm – 5:15pm                 BBQ Dinner (Hamburgers and Hotdogs)

5:15pm – 5:30pm                 Dinner Cleanup (LEAVE NO TRACE)

5:30pm – 6:30pm                 Special Event

6:30pm – 6:45pm                 Flag Ceremony and Announcements

6:45pm – 7:15pm                 Prepare Skits

7:15pm – 8:45pm                 Present Skits, Campfire, S’mores and handout Flashlight/Pen Necklaces

8:45pm – 10:25pm               Popcorn and a Movie (Storks)

10:25pm – 10:30pm            Scouts Go Off to Sleep

10:30pm                                LIGHTS OUT



7:00am – 7:30am                Wake up

7:30am – 8:30am                Breakfast

8:30am – 9:00am                Cleanup (LEAVE NO TRACE)

9:00am – 9:30am                Pack Up and Go Home

What you’ll need:

            Lunch for Saturday if you don’t want bagels

            Tent (sounds silly to list this but better safe than sorry) 

            Sleeping Bags

     Air mattress (if necessary)

     Air pump (if necessary)




     Toiletries (toothbrush, toothpaste, etc.)


     Shampoo (if showering)

     Camera (we would love to see lots of pictures, if anyone would like to be the designated photographer, let me know!)

     Flashlight(s) – Although we will be handing small ones out 



     Change of clothes for Saturday and Sunday 

              The boys should wear their Class B uniform (Pack 329 T-shirt) and shorts or comfortable pants on Saturday, an additional change of clothes for Saturday, just in case


     Parents should be dressed for fun as well

     Beach chairs  and/or camping chairs

     Bug Spray


     Anti-bacterial wipes (if you want)


     Prescription medicine


Things you won’t need:

  NO ELECTRONICS FOR SCOUTS (iPads, music, DVD’s, Gameboys, etc.)

  Entertainment (we got it all covered)



  Dinner and dessert

  Breakfast on Sunday morning

  Paper goods or cups (we will be handing out drink squeeze bottles)



     The address is 100 Veterans Memorial Hwy, Smithtown, NY

     The main entrance to Blydenburgh Park is on the North side of Veterans Memorial Hwy (Rte 454), opposite the H. Lee Dennison County Center in Smithtown, approximately 3/4 mile west of the junction of Rtes 454 and 347, and approximately 1 1/4 mile east of the entrance to the Northern State Pkwy.  If you are heading east on Vets Hwy there is a light with a turn signal that you will make a left into the complex. 

     Enter through the main gate and drive straight ahead until you reach a log cabin looking building on your right hand side.  This building is where you can purchase Green Cards.  Make a right at the building and then follow that dirt road to the right.  There will be bathrooms on the left and go a little further and you will see us.

     Look for the “ Cub Scout Pack 329 " banner and it is part of the Family Camping area

     Find a spot where you want to set up or stop and talk to a leader about what spaces are available.

-Joe (Pack 329 Committee Chair)

May Calendar

posted May 1, 2017, 11:25 AM by Joe Sievers

Pack 329 Parents,

Here is the upcoming calendar for May:

1.) Tomorrow Tuesday, May 2nd - Leaders Meeting - 7:30pm in the cafeteria at Burr.

2.) This Sunday, May 7th - Ducks game - There are 86 of us going! We are to meet at the information desk behind home plate at 1pm to gather the scouts to go onto the field for the National Anthem (first pitch is 1:35pm). Only uniformed scouts and uniformed leaders are allowed on the field (no parents or other children).

3.) Friday, May 12th - Pack Night - 7pm in the auditorium at Burr. We will be collecting the funds for the Chocolate Bar Fundraiser. If you have not already done so, this is your change to buy tickets for the Fishing Trip in June. Tickets are $35 each and the trip is at 3pm on Saturday, June 10th (tickets price includes rod, reel and bait).

4.) Saturday, May 20th-Sunday, May 21st - 6th Annual Pack 329 Camp Out - This is the crown jewel of our Cub Scout year and something you don't want to miss! If you want to purchase tickets, as of May 1st they are now $45 each. Please contact Donna Tucker ( if you are still interested.

5.) Monday, May 29th - Memorial Day Parade - 9:30am meet up time by Old Navy in Commack for 10am-11am parade down Jericho Tpke.

Let me know if you have any questions.

-Joe (Pack 329 Committee Chair)

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